Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Monty Project

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This weekend has been insane! Our friend from the FLA Monty Warren (YES! That’s his REAL name!) came up to record a CD of his songs and we were happy to accompany him in this effort. They’re really good songs and Jack’s VERY up to date Pro Logic rig and new microphones sound amazing! And our favorite engineer, (even though he spent company time on buying RUSH tickets!... OMG! One of the only people we know on the entire planet that would endure such a pummeling!) Jonathan Lowry is making things rock like ever-lovin’ ASS! From Friday night at 7pm until today (Sunday) at 4pm we laid down 9 amazing Rock and Roll tracks! Which kinda got me thinkin’..if we can make this son of a bitch sound good…we can make ANYBODY sound good! April Fool’s on Monty!! He really sounds great! His voice is quite enduring..I mean..endearing!..almost Ian Hunter-like, and that’s a good thing! Its gonna be a party record FO SHO! So look out for it!
And as for the rest of you! If you got enough songs to make a great rock and roll record, just Email me! The OakTeam, along with DoubleNaught Records, will be happy to make you sound like a superstar for the paltry price of 7 thousand dollars a week. We can prolly git a whole record done in that time so think about it…Thass purty damn cheap! Hell, I don't wanna paint for the rest o’ my natural born days!

I don’t play to no damn click! The click plays to ME!

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