Tuesday, March 06, 2007

where's waldo

you see yourself? lemme know..
Lierganes, Bilbao, Lleida, Mallorca?
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philwo said...

Hi Terry,
Thanks for posting the pics. The first three pictures might be from Lierganes,because on the first one there's a guy on the right side in a blue shirt with a Lierganes print on.The next 2 look like it's the same location. On the 4th one you see - me !!!
Front row: me, our drummer Dah-veed "Little Dave",Terry "Whassup" Anderson, The world's second best Bass Player Piero & "Mr. Riff Raff" Silvio. Back Row: Rosi, Maribel & Nina.
The pic was taken outside the Teatro Lloseta in Mallorca.
WE R COMIN'! is proud to be seen here together with you.It'll find a good place on my wall. Wish I could get a signed one some day.
Good luck to you and the rest of the OAK Team for tomorrow and the following shows. Wish we could be there.
You're the Greatest