Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pay it forward

When I was around Nathan’s age, ten or so..we were in Myrtle Beach, SC and my dad gave me money to play games with on the Grand Strand. He handed me a ten dollar bill and said “have fun”. Now, you guys know how old I am and ten dollars back then couldn’t buy a car or nuthin’ but it was a good chunk o’ change! I grabbed the doe and ran into the arcade. I got up to the first game I wanted to play and reached for the cash. Uh oh! Not there! OK, I checked that pocket ..huh?! Where is it? Couldn’t find that ten dollars anywhere! Last resort, I went to the information desk in the arcade. “Did anybody find a ten dollar bill?” I asked, knowing there was NO hope of an affirmative answer. “Yes, the floor sweeper found it.”, she said. “Here ya go.” Are you kidding me? They found the money and saved it for me? Ten dollars? Here it is? Well, this has stuck with me forever. And when I was at my friend Greg Howard’s (name dropping note: guitar tech for Aerosmith, Hootie, Green Day) house painting the other day I found (and this hasn’t happened in a LONG time!) a one dollar bill. I walked in..”You’ll never guess what I found?!” I said. “Here ya go, it was in YOUR driveway, it's yours..I don't want it.” We laughed.
A girl in the grocery store last night counted me out an extra dollar for change. “Here ya go” “Huh?” she said. “You gave me too much.”I tell her. “Yeah, well, you could’a just kept it!”she said. “Homie don’t roll like that!” I tell her.
And THEN TODAY!! I’m standing outside of Nathan’s Tae Kwon Do class enjoying the beautiful weather when I look down and there’s a ten dollar bill blowing up against my shoe. “Shit! This is some kind of sign (I NEVER find money!), what should I do? (after I pick it up!)” I looked around and there’s no one chasing it or even in sight! Hell, I’m keeping that bitch! My first and LAST thought! Lottery!
Hell yeah! Y’all keep ya fingers crossed for me! I went and bought them numbers!


djgranpablingbling said...

If you hit the number, wanna bankroll my record?

philwo said...

Baby you're a rich man!!
At our last gig, my bag with all my persoal things disappeared. We searched it everywhere but nothing. I asked the people from the club,nothing. The day before yesterday I went to the police to declare it as stolen and to my bank to annulate my credit cards (safety first!). I had to go to the relevant authority to get me a new passport and so on. Man, holy shit.
Guess what happened yesterday?
The owner of the club phoned me and told me that my bag was found by one of the cleaning women in the room where they store the bottles!
Aren't we lucky people?
Greets from Mallorca