Friday, March 16, 2007

My hero


When I wuz at my freenz house, Bob Davis, and it was 2 weekends ago and we had that mooner eqlipse thang, well I took Nathan over to my other freenz house, Joey an Alicia, so that we could see the moon good, and they said that they wuz gonna go see the Accelerators, and I said I wanted to go but I wuz drunk and didn't wanna drive so they said OK we'll come pick you up (since they just moved to Bunn from Rolesville where they had them four youngins at) and then the Accelerators wuz good and we drank a few more beers I suggested that we go to Bob's and so we did and Carina had just leff and Bob's neighbor was there but we ran into Bob as we drove up just wanderin' around his neighborhood, and we went in and listened to loud music and then this girl from around the corner came over with a bloody stump what she had just tried to break into her own house cuz she leff the key inside and she had to git stitches when the ambulamps got there...I took this picture of Otis, my hero.
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