Friday, March 30, 2007

My hair!

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I've been cutting my own hair since about 1972 or 3. Ever since the first time I saw Ronnie Wood's hair I've been trying to get that look. That was a whole lot easier when I was young and had a full thick head o' hair but these days it's thinned out so much that it looks sillier'n hell. A couple of days ago I buzzed the back and sides and left a mess up on top. This kinda scares children and makes the country folk here in Bunn turn their heads a bit but I don't care. Even with the "yamika" on the back, I'm still cooler than them!

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philwo said...

Yeah man,
know exactely what you're talking about. My hair is getting thinner and thinner. In about an hour I'm on stage with my 15 year ols son and 2 of his friends. Gonna play drums for the first time after minimun 15 years. The guys play this moder Rock stuff like Green Day etc. I'm more the singer, guitarist, composer, Rock & Roller, know what I mean? I tried to bring up my hair for tonight and throwed myself into black clothes and put on black mascara and T Shirt & a tie. 'Cause you only see the front of you in the mirror it looks quite okay. Won't even imagine how ridiculous I look the other side. And this took me about an hour !!!
Like Ron Wood says: We all get old!
But man, you're looking great !!
if you hesitate, ask your wife.
Mallorca waits for ya,