Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Live CD's stolen

I'm damn pissed off! We (the OakTeam) sent some of the new Live CD's to Washington state to be sold on the Yayhoos site, 20 of'm. And they were stolen, right out of the package they were sent in!
We got the package back today..emptier'n shit! So now we gotta re-send 20 more. So here's the deal folks..If you see any on EBay or anywhere other that the Yayhoos site or for the next couple of weeks..please let me know. I'll find that sumbitch and beat his face in!
word to ya Mutha!


roscoe said...


Anonymous said...

At least this guy is gonna get his ass kicked.


TA said...

He's gonna git his ass kicked 21 times! Each time he listens to one of them CD's and once again when I find him!

philwo said...

May he break his legs and being robbed out by someone else !!!
P.S. On ebay I didn't find one but I'll try it out the next days.