Saturday, March 03, 2007

from Wikipedia

100 Greatest Americans
1-Ronald Reagan - 24% - named "Greatest American".
2-Abraham Lincoln - 23.5%
3-Martin Luther King, Jr. - 19.7% - named "Greatest African American"
4-George Washington - 17.7%
5-Benjamin Franklin - 14.9%
6-George W. Bush - named "Greatest Living American"
7-Bill Clinton
8-Elvis Presley - named "America's Greatest Entertainer"
9-Oprah Winfrey - named "Greatest Woman in American history"
10-Franklin D. Roosevelt
11-Billy Graham
12-Thomas Jefferson
13-Walt Disney
14-Albert Einstein - named "Greatest Jewish American"
15-Thomas Alva Edison
16-John F. Kennedy
17-Bob Hope
18-Bill Gates
19-Eleanor Roosevelt - named "America's Greatest First Lady"
20-Lance Armstrong - named America's "Greatest Athlete"
21-Muhammad Ali
22-Rosa Parks
23-The Wright Brothers
24-Henry Ford
25-Neil Armstrong

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!
You poor misguided fools!
Why is he on this list?
Just look at the names below him!
Thomas Jefferson? Elvis? Bwah ha ha ha ha!!
Stop! You're killing me!


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Brad in Reno said...

At the least I would rank Werly Fairburn and Webb Pierce over Bush and Clinton.