Monday, March 05, 2007

French boot camp

Talk in the van gits pretty stupid sometimes. Think about it, if you’re stuck in a truck with some goofballs for 6 or more hours you’re gonna git stir crazy! I remember one conversation The Yayhoos had as we traveled across Spain about the French Army. We wondered aloud about boot camp. What were they teaching those guys?
1-The correct angle at which to hold a white flag?
2-How to say “I surrender!” in 6 different languages?
3-How to both throw your weapon down and your hands up
at the same time? (That could be tricky!)
4-How to “about face” and run like hell?
5-or maybe, just how to run backwards..?
Think about it..


philwo said...

Funny ideas but I think the guys go there to get a good job at the Foreign Legion or as a Guerilla fighter in South America or just because they are simply masochistics which love to wear these smart uniforms. Good soldiers or other tired of life idiots are wanted worldwide!!

Anonymous said...


B.L: said...

Well, I thought about it...and I just wonder on...