Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What an unbelievable time The OakTeam had this weekend. First we hit The Star Bar in the ATL, rocked that bitch and kicked it old school on down to Macon. We had lots of dumbfounded drunks in attendance there and Vic, as usual, treated us like rock Gods. I heard that Fred Snyder was there and asked to be introduced. When I met him I was extremely unimpressed. He was either drunk or deaf or just stupid, but there absolutely no connection made (conversationaly) between him and his one time fan.
We had a long way to go on Saturday so after the show in Macon we drove down to Valdoste, GA to stay in THAT horribly shitty HoJo before being rudely run out @ the unGodly hour of 11am! It was the usual banging on the door "Is Y'all stayin' ovah?" bullshit after we had just rolled in @ 4:30am. Feeling like poopy, we gave them what they wanted and left. Next stop was West Palm Beach, FLA and the stately abode of one Monty Warren. Now THAT sumbitch is crazthy! We arrived just before 8pm (after sitting in stop and roll traffic for and extra hour and a half!)and loaded in the equipment for our house party show on Sunday night. Monty gave us the royal treatment by ordering some AWESOME Thai food and offering up any of his amazing wines or liquors that we wanted. Afterward we ate we set up the gear and jammed on Rolling Stones songs for a while, Monty on the open G 5-string. We worked up a pretty good sweat so we then helped ourselves to his pool. He had ordered 4 cases of Thunderbird for the party and so we decorated the house with it. I got pretty toasted so I crashed in an extra bedroom. It was a good thing too as the hotel had given away one of our rooms!
The rest of the guys came over at noon on Sunday and we drove out to the Spring Training game at Roger Dean Stadium to watch the Braves and the Cardinals. We got to see Chris Carpenter pitch and he did his job just fine. He and the following pitcher (I forget his name) kept the Braves at bay while the Cards scorded 3 in the 6th. When they brought in the next guy the Braves blew up and scored 6 runs, making some of us happy enough to be ready to leave. The party was to begin at 4:30pm , so it was getting time anyway.

Monty's group took the stage (his living room which sounded so good that it should be left as a stage and turned into regular house gig for him and his favorite bands) and did a rockin' 45 minutes warming up the crowd for an Olympic size ass-kickin'.
He had set up plazmas and projector screens inside and out to send a live feed of the show. There were at least 3 cameras recording the action. We played for about 75 minutes and took a quick break in order for Monty to throw on his Tele and crank up his amp to join in. We did another 40 minutes ending in the grand finale of all grand finales. On the final note of "SLUT", my man Big Daddy Dave Bartholomew jumped into the damn pool, guitar in hand..SPLASH!! "GOODNIGHT!". Now, how about that for entertainment?..and all caught on tape. Look for a YouTube URL of that sucka soon!
We were shown the town ("There's Trump's place!") to the point that we were too late to catch the game on Monday so we drove north to Vero Beach to check out Dodgertown. I would'a bought some gifts in the gift shop but everything said "Dodgers" on it! Damn it! From Vero Beach Big Daddy drove 11 straight hours and got us home safely this morning at 3am. That boy rocks!
I'll get pics up soon AND finish the second half of the Europe blog too! So hang tight! I'm busier'n hell these days...not to mention that my Dad, who has NEVER been in the hospital had to be rushed there over the weekend and has thankfully rejoined the living. At one point he "went away from here". I think he's gonna be alright now, but still keep him in your thoughts and prayers...he's one of the good ones.


Brad in Reno said...

Best wishes to Pa! Ya' got a funny kid, stick around and enjoy him. The Heels is layin' 26. Get your money down!

philwo said...

All the best for your Dad.

It's a shame that I can't see you and the OAK Team live on stage. You gotta come to Europe !!!
What about the release of the new ass kickin' Album?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, pops. Ya should be proud of yer son too.

Monty Warren said...

Real sorry to hear about your Dad.My thoughts are with yas. Btw-sure enough-my Blackberry battery finally up and died on me!

Carina said...

Best of luck to your dad. If he made it through your childhood (and adulthood), he can survive almost ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...


kept fingers crossed in germany...

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry!


My thoughts and prayas are with your dad so I know fo sho he's in GOOD hands!

I was supposed to be at casa de Montaaaay's last Sunday night and had to cancel at the last minute.

So, um, I'm thinking, "Anybody up for a re-do?????"

Debbie C.

TA said...

I think it's gonna turn into an annual thing, if popular demand is any indication! Thanks for the love!