Sunday, February 04, 2007

Viva España!!

I think it was Phil Lee that said "Nobody wants to pay to see a 50 year old man do much of anything." Well, either Spain didn´t get the memo or they just don´t know how old we are because they are showing up in droves to see these old guys rock. We are laying the wood to their asses pretty good too! And sales of the merch has been unbelievable!
So far so good, we love our driver/babysitter David (pronounced Dah-veed) and the promoters have been very generous with foods and wines! Roscoe has a few pics up on his blog now (click on the right of this page "roscoe's blog") and of course, I´ll have a full report when I return home.
I don´t wanna hear nuthin´ about that Carolina/State game..just go to hell! It´s a good thing that I wasn´t at home watching that one or I wouldá thrown the couch out in the yard, slammed every door and hit golf balls up the street in anger. Fire Roy!
Thoughts and prayers to David Enloe and family. He lost his Mom this week and we all loved her. She helped raise me and did an awesome job with her three sons.


Anonymous said...

all the best for the tour!!

please come back later this yearto rock western germany & the netherlands.

take care, jayhawks

Anonymous said...

Great show in Lleida last saturday!!! Congratulations!!!