Sunday, January 14, 2007

too much info..4 now!

Fistfights on a plane, cameras lost, wheelchairs, kickin’ asses, upright old folks, sex by the pool in front of God and everybody, ESPN Deportes, furniture hair colors, dinkies, fake broken legs, Elvis movie songs, free rum, ALMOST missing the boat, (bottom) half moons, yelling “STOP THAT!” at accomplished musicians, modern day Patsy Clines, cabin boys, free food all week, crashing a sold out songwriters show, $8 a minute phone calls, rough seas turning people green, the diamond channel, friends arrested in Puerto Rico, smartass cafeteria dude, wearing a lifejacket, $1500 bar tabs, drug dogs on the boat, driver tazered to death, mambo mania at 3am, sunburns, oozing soul, free margaritas, yacht builders, $5 one minute cab rides, naked (w/towel) on the beach…those stories and more…coming soon…to a blog near you!!

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Anonymous said...

Well it looks like y'all didn't die of boredom...