Monday, January 22, 2007

MySpace OakT

OK, I have been busy getting about 9 different thing in order for when I get back from the big wild and crazy Yayhoos European Vacation..oops! I mean...serious business trip rock and roll thingy. One thing is figgerin' out where and when to put up the download of the live 20 song CD, "When the OakTeam Comes to Town". One thing we HAVE done for your enjoyment is to put up 3 songs from it on our MySpace page..
Now remember, this is MySpace so the sound quality is that of an AM transistor radio wrapped in a blanket, and stuffed in the trunk of a car, and miked with a $10 Radio Shack microphone and recorded onto a GE cassette player and listened to with cigarette butts in your ears. Other than that, it sounds pretty good.
Trust me, it will kick ass when you download it..or buy the CD at the show.
Looking towards an "official" release date of March 16 or 17 or thereabouts. Hell! that's good how about BOTH days! ALSO!!! we're considering a download PARTY, where you show up to the gig early with your IPod or other MP3 device and we plug and load it for ya, then play a gig..thass Big Daddy's brainchild..we're still working on it..
word to ya mutha!!

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