Tuesday, January 16, 2007

it's coming, it's coming!

No, I'm not dragging my feet on telling the cruise story. I have to transcibe it into the computer from my fifteen pages of notes. Problem is that I have a lot of work to do before leaving for Europe on the 30th. I'm trying to fit all that typing in in-between lining up gigs for when I return (BTW Raleigh, write this down..April 20, Margeaux's..no cover), working on an OakTeam trip to South FLA in early March so as to catch a few Spring training games and rock some too and of course..I have to paint all day and then there's stuff like drinking and watching "American Idol", that gets in the way. But I'm working on it. Trust me.


Javi said...

Looking forward to see you here!

I'll bring you a really nice bottle of rioja I've kept for an special day ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the band couldn't get a gig in Sweden. I was really looking forward to the event.


TA said...

really? we're not playing Sweden? Shit! I'm stayin' home. Y'all know more about this tour than I do..

Anonymous said...

Last week Roscoe had two dates 30 minutes from my door step listed at yayhoos.com and now Sweden is completly gone from the final list. Guess I have to move to Spain were all the good band play these days.


Javi said...

Spain rules!


kyassor said...

Sorry the gigs in Sweden have been cancelled : why not head over to the UK for one or more those gigs ? You know you are always welcome.