Monday, January 15, 2007

AA/TA setlist

What a Big Al/TA setlist looks like:

Pawn Shop Guitars-A
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know-A
I Can Give You Everything-T
Killin Down in Dillon-T
Drinkin’ On The Weekend-A
Have It Your Way-A
Battleship Chains-T
Mr. Busdriverman-T
Comes To Me Naturally-A
Trip Around The Sun-A
Nya Nya Nya-T
Bigger Wheel-A
Crazy Like a Fox-A
Shake That Thing-A


Ed said...

uh, shouldn't that be a Biggie Al/T-Fiddy setlist? just keepin' it real...

Steve said...

After listening extensively to "Pawnshop Guitars" and constantly to Terry's stuff, I'll bet that setlist rocked the freakin ocean.