Thursday, December 14, 2006


RSS stands for Random Stupid Shit, remember that for future reference.

Last week I was killing myself working late, painting the ENTIRE inside of a house for some people as a surprise Christmas present from their daughter. It was a bitch too cause I could hardly move in that joint. I was like a little rat crawlin' behind stuff to get to the walls. But lucky me, I only fell down once! They came home and were so surprised and pleased that the 'ol lady started crying.

I was working somewhere in Cary, NC today and looked in the driveway next door and noticed that someone had keyed the dude's pick up truck. Evidently he REALLY pissed somebody off cause on the side in REAL BIG LETTERS was "K K K" I think I might would get that fixed pretty soon. That's just me.

Speakin' of pissin' somebody off, dude down the road must have done somebody bad wrong. He's got a bea-Yoooo-tiful house and (most of the time) perfect yard and every time he gets that grass groomed just right..somebody comes over with a four wheeler and does doughnuts in it, tearing the shit out of it. That's not very nice.

And here's what PISSIN' ME off! They charged the gestapo that killed my (unarmed!) first cousin once removed on Monday and on Tuesday they overturned the indictment against said killer and let the son of a bitch go, saying it was a clerical error! Welcome to America kids! George Bush's America!

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