Saturday, December 23, 2006

party schedule's how it fiddin' to go down...

Christmas night 'bout 8:15 @ the Pour House in Raleigh, Norf Cackalacky my son's NEW band, Harbor View (NOT screamo!!! and NOT an apartment complex, but a trio of really good singers singing really good pop tunes!) will do about 6 songs and take it up to about 8:45 or so. And then, before David Enloe gets too drunk we'll do a quick Woods set which includes watching David trying to tune his guitar a lot. Then my friend, Chip Robinson will do a few tunes before he gets too drunk to remember the words. Then The OakTeam will rock like ass for an hour or so straight without breathing. Sometime during the OakTeam set Scotty Miller will jump up and join in. So there ya go, now ya know..

Also a quick update on the "live in the studio" (complete with live push-button studio applause!)OakTeam thing. We're almost done with mixing and hope to be COMPLETELY finished by Jan. 6th when I leave to get on the Delbert Blues Cruise thingy to play drums with my hero Big Al Anderson (no relation).
I'm just hoping that I don't get talked into going to that AA meeting they have every morning! (What a disaster that would be!)
We're also talking about doing a karaoke...excuse me..KaraOaktEAM version of the new "live" recording. Stay tuned..should be stupid!..and isn't that what it's all about?

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Creener said...

Looking forward to it, T-fiddy!