Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Top of the Hill

Believe it or not there is a nightclub in Bunn, well just a couple of miles down the road. It’s called Top of the Hill and I won’t set foot in there unless someone I know is crazy enough to play there. Well, Grace and I went Saturday night to see my friend Bill Lyerly and his band and the scene there is more bizarre than ever. I have been 2 other times, once to see Billy Joe Royal, who absolutely blew my mind. At 60 whatever, he was still singing like a bird and reminding me so much of Roy Orbison. The other time was to see my other friend, Tommy Redd, who… if you don’t know him…well, there’s just no way to describe him. I could blog every day for the rest of my life about him and keep you in stitches. Once, he grabbed Greg Allman’s hand and smelled his finger. Greg gave him a puzzled look and Tommy said, “I just wanted to see what Cher smelled like!” He’s just a damn nut! And he writes about a song a day and they are all crazy as hell.
Anyway, we were at the Top of the Hill club the other night and were soon reminded of why wanted to move back to Raleigh. This place is Hick City, y’all! All the dudes had severe mullets and all the chicks had belly's bigger than their tits…and they all thought they were HOT! When these girls refer to a "roll in the hay", they mean it literally! So in between Bill’s sets we tried to talk to him over the rap music blasting through the PA, this is a “country” bar mind you and that’s what Bill and the boys were layin’ down. So no one would dance for the band, but as soon as the rap came on it was all bumper belly's and butts out there, just stupid. Bill said he knew the guy that owned the place and that he had helped him get a motorcycle gang in there for security. Seems they had 19 fights on the night they opened, no doubt! Bill also said that a grandma and her granddaughter tried to pick him up one night. Yep! That’s the kinda place it is. When I was there to see Billy Joe, a girl tried to pick me up. She stared at me all night long and finally she came over to talk to me. I soon found out that she was 23 and had 5 children. The guy that she had the kids with wouldn’t marry her for the longest time. But when he finally did he left her after only a month of wedded bliss. So she was out for payback. But she wasn’t gonna get it from me!..especially as fertile as she was!
So next time you’re looking for a good ‘ol time head on out to Bunn, Top of the Hill is just outta town on Hwy 98 west. It’s BYOB and Rolling Rock is the top of their beer line but you WILL be entertained..if only by the crowd that goes there!

My apologies for not taking pictures (in fear of being shot!). They used to have a website but I think the webmaster was shot.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed Bill on Saturday night... I was hanging out with the mullets and bumper bellies over at "Tina's Place".

kyassor said...

Next time you are in England, go to a little town called Castleford for the same experience ... actually don't go, be sensible for once !

Anonymous said...

... and it looks like you are going to be in England very soon. Any gigs in Scandinavia? If not do you have a date for the London gig so I can book my flight ticket :-)