Friday, November 17, 2006

NYC blog

Yeah, yeah, I know I shortchanged ya on my NYC trip and just put up pics without much if any explaination of the events surrounding them. But there's really not much to tell. I went up there as planned, got a frozen $5 beer on the plane which was the last of the Heinenkens so she traded it out for two bags of cashews. The cabbie was madman and drove me to Roscoe's like he was on a suicide mission. 'Scoe and I went over to Banjo Jim's and saw his wife's band, Mary Lee's Corvette, sans bass guitar, still very awesome and cool. She writes unbelievable songs, you gotta look her up and buy her latest CD. Ran into Chip Robinson at the that show and made him buy me 2 beers which I will forever be in debt for. Actually, he asked if he could..but I know him and he's gonna hold it over my head the rest of my life. Just like those 2 months of my life I gave to him back in '98! Anyhoo, Wednesday was practice day and it rained like a cow pissin' on a flat rock! But we had a great time and sorted a lot of things out. Basically, it was a "rememberin' session".
Thursday was gig day and we went back out to Brooklyn and grabbed the gear and did soundcheck. Mary Lee cooked 'Scoe and me a great dinner and we were on stage rockin', balls to the wall at 10:30 pm. I used the EXACT kit that I used on the record, including the 26" kick drum (woke up Friday and had extreme soreness in my right calf to prove it!)My friends from Bunn, NC, Eddie and Leland Winstaed, showed up and suprised the shit outta me. They so crazthy!
Dan, 'Scoe and I met for lunch at Pizza Grotto up the street from the Lakeside on Friday around 1:30 and Dan and I did some shopping before heading back over to Ave.B to rock like hell again for a happy hour throwdown beginning at 7 pm or so. Once again, we did NONE of the songs that we did at the Mercury show, pretty much just picking up where we left off.
The next day, back on a plane home. Beautiful! Just like the professionals do it!

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