Thursday, November 16, 2006

notlame review

They say my name too much, but here's a review of the new Yayhoos record on the Notlame site:

Terry Anderson has been busy.

Terry Anderson has been rocking.

When does he not do both?

Well, his side project, the Yayhoos, has a new album out. The Yayhoos is a band Terry has w/ Dan Beard of The Georgia Satellites and Eric Ambel of The Del-Lords has just come out and the details and soundbites are below to check out!

The Yahoos - Put The Hammer Down
price: $15.50

REAL rock `n roll with Terry Anderson`s side band, who along with Dan Baird( former Georgia Satellites frontman/guitarist) and Eric Ambel(The Del-Lords) deliver a real dose of primal rock `n roll party fun that only these guys can pull off with not only aplomb but contagious passion! " These tunes alternately rock, roll and wrestle with all manner of influence a drunken collision between the Stones and the Faces each song driven by diverse singing strengths as each distinctive vocalist takes his turn. "Everything/Anything" serves as the bands modus operandi a partying, going-nowhere-special track that serves as a fun introduction to each player, powered by one of the best drum beats in recent history. Elsewhere, solid rockers rule with the sassy "Wheres Your Boyfriend At?",the semi-autobiographical "Getting Drunk" and Baird`s rough `n `tumble "Would It Kill You?". Ambel turns in the

smoothest sounds with the considerably more genteel "Between You And Me", loaded with pop smarts, together with a Rundgren-esque "Hurtin` Thing". Yet it is Anderson`s vocals that shinebrightest with a unique Jerry Garcia-meets-Ronnie Lane slant that transform both "All Dressed Up" and "Over The Top" into roots-rock masterpieces. The perfect party platter for people who play hard and can take a little hurtin` come sunrise. "-Exclaim Magazine.

"4 stars..From the crunchy guitar to the suggestive lyrics, it`s just one of the many carefree rock songs that aim to revive and rework `70s hard rock.Put the Hammer Down is a solid release from one of the best bar bands around. Put it on once for a taste, and keep coming back to it for more. It`s the kind of album that`ll grow on you from the kind of band that`ll put a smile on your face -- especially if you`ve had a little bit too much to drink. It`s hard to imagine anyone being upset or having a bad time at a Yayhoos show -- it`s much easy to picture a bar full of dancing people, tripping over themselves to hug their buddies or buy drinks for complete strangers."-AMG. Extremely Highly Recommended!

Fellow Yayhoo Eric Ambel has two albums we just got up on the Not Lame site, too:

Eric Ambel - Knucklehead

Eric Ambel - Roscoe's Gang

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