Sunday, October 29, 2006

let's git it on!!

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Jesus, God and All American Christ! I was looking for an NRBQ Cd when I found this thing that I sent out to fans back a few years ago, it was called “Pure T”. My guess would be that I sent it out in the of Winter ’03. Among the Chuck covers, I sprinkled in a few of my most recent writings. Some sucked, some were brilliant and need another look. We’re startin’ on the new OakTeam look out! Ya might hear an oldie but a goodie..OR..something completely different!


jeff hart said...

nice ride. check this one out. it's from a blog
about the '55 chevy used in "two lane black top"
(maybe one of my top 5 alltime films) and also
in american grafitti.

more here.

kyassor said...

I was one of those that you were kind enough to sent a copy of Pure T to but only the cd arrived, maybe the postage for the car was too much ? But the cd was, and still is, excellent so who needs the car.

Altogether now 'Take a leak & go .... take a & go ... ' Classic love song.

Fish Camp BArbie said...

Shake-n-Bake, Baby!