Thursday, December 15, 2005


Isn't it amazing how your skin knows how to erupt right before a big gig? I woke up this morning with a big knot in my chin. Cool! another chin, just for the DVD!

I'm looking for a photobooth in or around Raleigh. Not the Polaroid kind like at the mall, the b&W photostrip kind. You see why later. Let me know if you know where one is.

Hey, if they move the New Orleans Saints to Las Vegas are they changing the name to the Sinners? Just a thought.
Speaking of football names, I thought the last couple of teams have really dropped the ball so to speak. The that just sucks!..and it's hard to say... Houston Texans, I always accidentally say "Houstous Texans". I think they should'a called themselves the know, for oil tycoons. They could'a had a raccoon for a mascot. Well maybe not, that name might have caused a problem. But "Texans" still sucks!
The Titans..that was the biggest mistake EVER in football. Here's what they should'a done..and this would have GUARANTEED that they would have become the darlings of the NFL! They should have stayed in Memphis (like they were the first few years) and called themselves the Memphis KINGS! Big 'ol sideburns on the side of the helmet and a high collar on the uniforms with studs...awesome!..That TCB thunderbolt on their sleeves and look at all the music they would have to choose from! When they won it all they could play Elvis' "My Way". It would have just been incredible! But NOOOOO! We get the Tennessee Titans (Yaaaaaaaaaawn!)Huuuge mistake!
Ain't done no Christmas shopping yet. Shopping sucks! I walked into a store that shall remain nameless (Kohl's) and turned around and walked out. There was one check out line and it was all the way to the back of the store. All them unemployed people out there and y'all can't find somebody that can run a cash register! the words of Jed Clampett, "pitiful".

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