Friday, December 02, 2005

Thanks Ben!

I'm currently reading a book about how I waste too much time (by sitting around reading?). It's called Today Matters and it's full of great quotes. And of course, wherever there are great quotes there's gonna be a few by our ol' buddy, Ben Franklin. He says "Time is the stuff life is made of." Brilliant! This dude HAS to be the smartest guy to come along in the last 500 years! Did you know that he was responsible for our modern day police, fire and rescue services? And the way I figure it, he was also responsible for pole dancing in strip clubs..yeah! See here's how it went down. There's a bunch of guys sitting around the firehouse with a bunch of buckets.."Hey! whass this pole doing here in the middle of the room. Damn if I know? Ben said we needed it." "Well I'm bored" "Yeah, me too let's call some girls"
(They forgot that the phone hadn't been invented yet but they did send out word via carrier pigeon or something, anyway!!!..I digress) and next thing ya know, Wanda's up there, drunk, top off, showing everything she's got!...Thanks Ben!

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