Saturday, December 10, 2005


I've been painting since I was 14 yrs. old and lemme tell ya..That was I loooooong time ago. I've had occasional breaks when music was making me enough money to sit my ass at home and write or drink or whatever I wanted to do. But it's always been there if I needed it which has been great. I mean, even though I hate doing it, I know I can go out and make some good money if I have to.
I worked with my Dad forever as he only retired about 12 years ago. Ever since then I've been doing jobs that I know I can do by myself. I saw my Dad pull his hair out with his crew day in and day out. They would show up drunk or not at all and I decided back then that if I ever did it, I would do small jobs by myself. This has proven to be a good plan as I have found out that a lot of folks have small jobs, just a room or two that they need done, and don't want or need a house full of drunks. So I stay busy as HELL!! I'm really great at what I do. (By the way, I don't even own a roll of painter's tape.)
I was laying in bed this morning thinking about the "good 'ol days" working with the guys in my Dad's crew that bothered to show up. My Dad painted schools and made good money at it. Dealing with the students was never much fun as they would ridicule you
or try to start some crap with you, but you gotta do what ya gotta do. I'll never forget the time when one of my Dad's best worker's, Stanley Fish (God rest his soul!)embarrassed the hell out of himself one day. He was the shy type but amongst friends he would open up and do some stupid stuff like the rest of us. So one day after school, when all of the students were gone, he pranced down the hallway farting loudly with every step he took. After about 8 smelly steps he looked behind himself to find walking behind him a very unhappy lady teacher. Oooops! He was red faced for the next week or so after that!! Of course, we STILL laugh about it.

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