Monday, December 05, 2005


I think I reported last week that there were two bottles of 2001 Corison from Napa in my closet waititng for me when my birthday came around if I had been good up to that point. Well I just had another look in there and it appears that one of them is missing. Saturday night the wife and I got a sushi thing going and as a special bonus on the two week anniversary of not drinking we treated ourselves to one. Oohhh my God! That shit was so rockin'!! Drinkin' expensive wine is a totally different animal than havin' a pint of Thunderbird or a bottle of sorry ass Yellowtail (sorry Australia..I know you guys have some great wines, but that ain't one of'm!). It's like the difference between half & half and skim milk, or the difference between expresso and Sanka, or like the difference between crack cocaine and...oh wait a minute...nevermind, you get the picture. Some of these expensive bottles are like an entirely new drug. It's that warm and fuzzy feeling you got the first time you ever got drunk, but more better. It really is a wonderful luxury. Of course, I would hardly EVER get the chance to try these wines if it weren't for my truffle farm. We sometimes get the opportunity to trade truffles for wine and I for one am always like...uhhh, hell yeah!

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