Sunday, December 11, 2005

another "Translation"

This one sent to me from Mr. ruffle..Uh......Krause:

I'll drink ton of That! , emergency Lame record, 2000

Terry Anderson one Guitars, Vocals, Drums, organ
Mike ruffle Guitars
Jack Cornell Bass, Backing Vocals
Roger Gupton Guitars, Backing Vocals, bass
Dave Adam Piano, organ, stringer, Backing Vocals
Rod Abernethy Backing Vocals, Harp
Big aluminium Anderson one Guitars, Backing Vocals
Heidi Anderson one Backing Vocals
Produced of: Dave Adam & Terry Anderson one Length: 41 min 32 sec. Medium: CD

1. $ OF at Education
2. Daddy Had A Wreck
3. Killin ' down in Dillon
4. Boyfriend 2
5. Bath Enuff ton of Crawl
6. Safety roofridge
7. Nastiest House
8. Skirt and roll Girlfriend
9. Nya Nya Nya
10. 37 Miles in Reverse
11. Mr Busdriverman
12. Church Folks Comin '
13. Stay Away From Your Heroes

For years I preach it. Hardly someone listens to me. It is to howls.
Only Terry Anderson one makes which I wants. Pure skirt & roll passport.

Like that generic term cure and unknown, as the name appears first, is not Anderson one. The Wundershuffle Battleship chain , of the first LP of the Georgia Satellites, is written from it. As Spezi of the Satellites it emerges also on both solo CD's of Dan Baird. On Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired it is involved even with all Songs as an author.
Further references: Ken McMahan, Eric Ambel (Bottle Rockets), The Yayhoos (the new CD of the Yayhoos Fear emergency The Obvious comes the days into the shops!) and many different. 1977 it the Spirit LP Future Games in-sang. Reason of enough to get also times again from the cabinet.

The universe Music Guide makes schlappe 15 Jaehre older for Anderson, than it is in reality. Clearly, the music of Terry is not completely brand-new, but 60 is not it still for a long time and it rockt anyway rather as 20-year old.

I'LL DRINK TON OF THAT! its third solo CD is in 6 years. It plays Drums and guitar, sings (inescapably audibly in the same preisklasse as Dan Baird) and as volume the "Olympic ASS Kickin ' team" around itself met. Thus it is clear that it concerns not around absolutely serious e-music, but classical Good time Rock'n'Roll.

Roughly outlined one hears: Naturally, various roots Rocker like evenly the Bottle Rockets, a shot Stones, the Everly Brothers ( marvelous Sixties of choirs) , Country and a whole bag NRBQ. no miracle, because the NRBQ guitarist of many years Big aluminium Anderson one mixes many satellite it together and bay RD influences, Dave Edmund (also into the liner the Notes is appreciated and with Daddy Had A Wreck clearly godfather stood) than guest, CO writer and idea giver on the plate.

The Lyrics is to a large extent expressed humorig there, the Songs rocken freshly and quickly, one hears that around a "Hei young, we take ourselves it first Take" production act. Nevertheless the sound is perfect.
Numbers such as Mr. Busdriverman with its violent guitars, $ OF at Education or Killin ' down in Dillon would have fit smoothly on each bay RD production.

Skirt and roll Girlfriend is a declaration of love to a woman, who hopefully really gives it.
She's kinda lazy, just like ME
she only works, when she needs the $
she don't like TV ot the outside world
she's and cartridge just girl at LP.

She's outta fashion, she's outta style
but she's EN vogue wearing emergency-hung but A smile in such a way.
She'd hear A record from ' 73
than any OF that shit on MTV...

Church Folks Comin ' takes the double moral of the typical hypocritical Spiessbuergers auf's to grain. PUT them porno videos in that more drawer with your panty trousers, church folks comin '... . With such texts I can amuse myself always koestlich. Only in the radio one comes with in such a way which not. Actually harm.
Bath Enuff ton of Crawl schlurft itself as a correct ear worm by the boxes. Also somehow coined/shaped by Dave Edmund, this number.
Safety roofridge is the Song for the next condom advertising campaign. Merry Rumpel Country.
And Stay Away From Your Heroes is an account with the admired musician heroes, who present themselves with a personal contact as constituted Deppen. Packed into a marvelous 60ies-Popmelodie.

I'LL DRINK TON OF THAT! if a beautiful, fetzige are, diagonal ( Don't drink and drive! You might spill it ) and funny skirt & roll CD. Who likes indicated volume and musician, should access immediately.
I have no notion whether the house on Terry's is homepage seins. It would fit it and its music. Cool evenly.

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