Thursday, November 24, 2005


Right here on Turkey day I can't help but think of how much i have to be grateful for. It's really stupid how lucky I've been. Even with all the little unlucky things that happen to me every day. You know, the flat tires, dead batteries, falling down, scrapes, bumps and bruises I'm still standing here, all in one piece and pretty much functioning in a society where I sometimes feel I don't belong( especially after watching those 12 seconds of the American Music Awards the other night!). And not only am I healthy and happy but save for my mom being gone, everyone around me that help to make me what I am are happy and whole also. It's amazing. I have an incredibly loving and tolerant wife, two AWESOME kids who have a grasp what's going on in the world (and what their place is in it!) MUCH more than I did at their age. I have a Dad who is still after all these years, my best friend. My sister and her family are doing great. All the guys in my band are having a blast, can't wait to hang together and hit the stage again. I've got a new record that narry a review has uttered a bad word about. And last, but not least!..I'm thankful that YOU give a shit enuff about me to read this! I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!


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First I gotta tell you that it's ALWAYS a pleasure to return to this blog.

I went to see The Posies on Tuesday night here in Tampere, Finland (of all places!) and although it's not exactly rock'n'roll they play - more like powerpop - but who cares. They played 2 and a half hours and rocked their asses off. That was the next best thing since The Yayhoos in 1996 so it was pretty good, huh?