Monday, November 21, 2005

rock and roll stew

Here's what happened according to me. A long long time ago, back in the late 1940's some crazy evil blues sangin' black folks named Howlin' Wolf and Lightnin' Hopkins got some of their buddies together and they went over to hang out with Hank Williams and his bunch of backwoods hillbillies, Webb Pierce, The Louvin Brothers and 'em. They gots hongry and started up some stew. They throwed some pork fat in in there and let it simmer for a while. Meanwhile, they started jammin' together. The music was gettin' good to'm and every once in while one of'm would get up and throw somethin' else in the stew. Finally, it was time to eat. What they partook of at that time was the first Rock and Roll Thanksgiving. That stew was so tasty that they invited a bunch of other folks in from outta town to try it. Some boys rolled in from Memphis, Elvis, Jerry Lee and them. A dude come in from St. Louis, Chuck somebody, he tried it and flipped his lid over it! Then some crazy Don King lookin' dude rolled in what called himself Little Richard. Man! They ALL loved that stuff! They got the recipe and went out to tell the world about it. Soon, all the world gots them a taste of it. There was some boys over in England that tried and they told their friends about it down the skreet and the next thing ya know everybody in England is cookin' some up!
Slowly and sadly though, the supplies for it started runnin' out. Folks quit makin' those evil blues and all that good backwood country went city. The flavor just wasn't the same. It was missin' something, SOUL! People tried and tried to replace it with other things. The even tried dogshit, but that just came up as RAP. They used donkey piss once and few necks bought into it, this is now called COUNTRY.
We will never taste the sweet taste Rock and roll again until we find it. Anybody out there got any SOUL?

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Anonymous said...

Right on!... but there are some guys with soul out there yet. Fortunately