Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I've had a MySpace account for about the last 3 months. I was just checkin' it out for a while to see what the benefits were for an irreleavant old redneck rocker from North Carolina. Frankly, I really never saw any. But everybody keeps telling me to "network" and to tell everybody you can about the record. They'll tell somebody then they'll tell somebody, etc. Mostly all I've run into is a bunch o' nuts! Naked girls doing naked girl things and boring weightlifting dudes saying brilliant stuff like.."I'm next!" or "Damn! you're hot!" What am I supposed to say? "Hey! While you're naked why don't you dance around to this? It's the new one from The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team!"
Hmmm..ya never just might work!

Against my better judgement, here ya go if'n ya wanna hit it!...

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