Saturday, November 12, 2005

cat fight!

Well..the beer tasting show was a Huuuuge success! The place was packed and folks were gettin' pretty damn loopy on the Eastern Euro high octane brews. So much so that a cat fight broke out and a drunk skank was escorted from the building and to the curb. It was a wild one, folks! We played great and coming ever closer to our goal of NON-STOP ROCK! One song right into the next one! No commercial live rock and roll! What the hell is better than that!

Laying in bed this morning I finally figgered out how to make music with a flute and a banjo. Take the flute apart into 2 pieces, y'all hear me out now...lay the banjo on it's back on a table or countertop...then use the 2 pieces of flute as drumsticks on the head of the banjo. Bang harder and harder until the head of the banjo breaks..
tadaaa! Music!

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