Thursday, November 10, 2005

beer tastin'

Done a whole bunch o' beer tastin' in my time [there was a number (a BIG number!) of years that I drank 8 to 12 beers EVERY night!] but tomorrow night there's an "official" beer tastin' of extra strong Czech and Polish beers in downtown Raleigh at the club formally known as The Lakeside Lounge. It's now called Slim's and some drunk sumbitchs are fittin' to hear The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team rock like hell as soon as the tastin's are done. We'll prolly throw down 'bout 8pm. The tastin's start at 6pm. The joint is on Wilmington Skreet! Get yo ass up da road and dance like crazy people!
The makings of a "tour" are in the works for the OakTeam. How many shows do you have to do outta town before you can really call it a tour? Right now we got 2. Wapakoneta, OH on the 27th of Jan. and on the 28th at the new High Life Lounge in Lexington, KY. Funny how we are starting to take off a little bit in Lexington. What can I say? They know good music when they hear it! (They love The Yayhoos!) If ya know of another gig nearby let us know. We are driven to brang the rock to the people!

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