Friday, October 28, 2005


Got a new hair doo I'm pretty happy with. Took my ponytail in one hand and and pair of scissors in the other and whacko! There ya go! Instant doo! ..and I love it! Dan says I gave him the best haircut he ever got. It was the same weekend that I wrote "Battleship". At some point on that May Saturday ('85) I gave him a very spikey Steve Marriott/Rod & Ronnie cut. It was easy though cuz it was the same cut I'd been giving myself since high school. For about 15 years or so there nobody cut my hair but me. If it sucked, it sucked, I had nobody to blame but myself. I cut my wife's too when we started dating. But then she started to look too much like me and that got a little freaky so I made her go to a professional. Hey! I just got the one cut!
Well.. if you don't count the ponytail whack!

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