Tuesday, October 18, 2005

van talk

Here's some stupidity overheard in the van on the ride to or from Lexington....

"Why don't they have a name your own price for prostitution, kinda like Priceline.com?" "What would it be called, Pricetitution.com?"
"Why don't they have drive-thru stripclubs?"
"Birds shit them trees out." (refering to the line of trees across a field and how birds sit on fences and shit out tree seeds) That one received a "Ding" from Dave, which happens whenever someone utters a phrase never before said by human lips. Dave has a bell (like the ones they ring in diners when an order is ready) on his dashboard for such occasions.
"I'm gonna open a place called "Sir Prize" and everything in there is wrapped like a present so you never know what you're buying. It's already giftwrapped so you just bump in and buy ready-to-go presents. There's a boys side and a girls side. "What did you get him?" "I don't know..it's from Sir Prize!"
Just ignunt!
...and NO! We are not calling the next record "Mandingo"!!! (with a Janet Jackson style cover..black hands coving my tits!) Uuugh!

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