Thursday, October 06, 2005

tollbooth love

All that talk about that love crap reminded me of something funny that The Yayhoos do when we're on tour. I ain't sure who started it, but who cares...I think it was Dan. But anyway, here's what we do...when we pull up to the tollbooth we talk real nice to the folks, man or woman. We ask for a receipt. And then as we're driving off whoever is drivin' yells at'm.. "I love you" or "love ya!", then we speed off laughing our asses off! The first time Dan did it I thought we all were gonna have whiplash! As soon as he said "love ya!" he floored it and all of our necks snapped back at the same time as he kicked it out of there. I busted out laughing outloud today as I thought about that.

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