Sunday, October 09, 2005

The REAL Ass-Kickin' Team!

So you might be wondering what I thought of the Stones show in Durham last night, or maybe you're over them since they don't matter anymore. OK, right outta the gate I wanna say that the show was probably #2 on my list greatest Rock and Roll shows I've ever seen, only surpassed by the show in Greensboro in '78. THAT show was an hour and ten minutes of truth by 5 guys that meant business (on a silver stage no less). That one will NEVER be beaten. But last night.... not a beat was missed, not a note was out of place and I have never heard them sing better. It's unbelieveable to me that they, at their advanced ages, have perfected the art of rock and roll to this level. Oh! but they don't matter. My wife and I were on our feet all night dancing and singing along to every song, but they don't matter. My son, who turns 16 today saw it, he was blown away. But they don't matter. The stage itself was worth the price of admission. It was at times..well..beautiful. It would take me a week to try to describe it. There was an HDTV screen in the middle and the sides were wrapped with metallic bands. Depending on the song there were glowing blues, greens and purples behind the bands or in the case of "Sympathy for the Devil" the entire stage and video feed was red and black. It was just glorious. But they don't matter.
With 40 years worth of material to pick from I'm sure it's hard to make a setlist that makes everybody happy. I would have thrown out the 2 songs they did from "Bridges to Poo-Poo Land" in exchange for a couple of songs from the new one (Laugh, I Nearly Died would have been awesome!) and "Miss You" is pretty tired but the other 13 or so were great. "Jumping Jack Flash" and "Satisfaction" didn't go on too long like their shows in the past. I really can't say enough great things about the whole night. The rain held off, save for about 10 minutes in the middle of the show, but when it came it not only felt good but it looked pretty cool in the spotlights too. My only complaint was that the beer wasn't expensive enough ($7 per small as shit cup) or hot enough. But at least it was good beer, Bud Light and Coors Light! Mmm Mmm good!
Really though, it was as much fun as I've ever had (with my clothes on)! So, are they still the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the world? Do they still inspire me to write Rock and Roll songs?
Yeah, but that don't matter.

Jesus! I'm sorry, but sometimes these holier than thou rock "writers" really get to me!

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Woods Fan said...

Amazing show!!! You guys need a stage like that! What about the front separating and sliding out into the middle of the field. Could you believe the heat from the flames??!! The second they cut on it felt hotter than the band and I was half the field away and up in the bleachers. Gotta say Keith's two songs really made me appreciate what a good singer Mick is. Leaving the show I think I noticed your old silver haired guitarist from the Woods was in attendence too. I hope you guys keep putting on shows once the Stones are gone so that I still have something to look forward to seeing.