Saturday, October 15, 2005

love from Steve up north

Dang it man, ya got me again! A few years back I wrote ya to say how much I really, really enjoyed your record...well, now I've gone and bought your new just seems that...I don't know...I guess you're right! Terry Anderson Rocks! Ya hit it outa the park again my man! Talked to the nice folks over there at the music store and they set me up with the OAK Team and the bonus cd...came in two days ago and hasn't left the player yet...well that's not true, I had to take it to the car a couple times! And the bonus cd is great too! Being a big Q fan, I have to mention your blistering version of 'Crazy Like a Fox' is a stand out, and who ever played that guitar solo was truly channeling Mr. Anderson! Yikes!! I love your solo/demo? Version of 'Feel A Drunk...' and, and, and...! It must have been tough to decide what to leave I'm really glad I got the bonus cd! Speaking of which, is there some sort of track listing I can get my hands on for that one?
Congrats on the new great disc! Hope to see ya's on the da road, keep up the good work, pass my thanks to the band and generally, just keep rockin'!


Yeah Steve, you can go to and download the liner notes for the bonus disc. Thanks so much for the love. Glad you dig the discs!

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