Saturday, October 29, 2005

love from down under


The latest TA/OAK Team CD arrived yesterday- have listened to nothing else but. Be assured I love this one too- shit,what's not to like?? It's all there mashed into one big messy ball of Southern-fried Rock n Roll- a stewpot of Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, NRBQ, The Louvin Brothers , early 70's era Faces but that's not say it's all recycled. It's your own muse informed by the right sources and no one does Terry Anderson quite like Terry Anderson.

No track misses its target- be the giddy Southern Pop of "Raindrops" to the revved-up "Purple GTO" or the Dixiefied funk of "Hi N Dry". Many cool curveballs get thrown along the way- be it the creamy Beach Boys harmonies on the bridge of "Thunderbird" or the Gram Parsons-with-a-sense-of- humour hoedown on "Rehab". Maybe it's the monstorous Chuck Berry guitar lick that breaks up "Check Please" or "Sunday Dress" the best song never to appear on "Exile On Main Street". Yeah, it's all good and hearing/owning this CD reaffirms it for me that there's still someone out there fighting that good- and each time I hear it little pieces of Bono and Madonna die.

It gets an eleven from me on the one to ten scale and in a less imperfect world any song should be blaring out of radios all over the world. Won't happen of course but in the radio of my mind "Sunday Dress " is number one and gets played on the hour. Be proud, Terry and Jack Cornell too- he produced the whole deal like a real keeper of flame. Real people play real instruments and I don't hear one whiff a flute!!

You've done it again bro- another great Terry Anderson album.

Best from Down Under

P.S- Love the horns too!

Thanks for finding us Michael, and for not giving up the search for good music when the radio was flinging turds at you!

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