Wednesday, October 26, 2005

live oakteam 2

The CD release party gig was so damn rockin' that we decided to mix the show for future release. Work on that starts next week @ Doublenaughtrecords headquarters. Maning the board again will be Jonathan Lowry who did the new studio record. I'm sure that we won't use all of the tracks but there were a lot of things that frankly..kicked ASS! We will work very hard to bring the live FEEL to the release, whenever that is.
Now if you will excuse me I have baseball to watch. Can't wait to hear what my favorite announcer, Tim McCarver will say next. I love him.

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Joey said...

Count me in for a couple of copies. The first hour of that show was a relentless ASS KICKING that I have yet to recover from...
I am enjoying the new Oakteam record very much, the only songs that my kids sing anymore are about cars, drankin, and wimmin. They are very popular with the other third graders in R-Ville.

Thanks for the ROCK!