Monday, October 17, 2005


I guess the average Joe would stand back and look at our weekend in Lexington as just "IGNUNT!". You did what?! You drove 8 hours to play one hour (and change), opening for a band you'd never heard of, for only enough money to cover expenses, nor did you know if anyone AT ALL would show up to see you? Yeah, pretty much. But what average Joe don't know is how much we love to rock. All the way up, Greg and Dave were sayin' "Man, I can't WAIT to get up there and rock like ASS tonight! It's gonna be so much fun." It WAS fun too. Well worth the 16 hours in the van to get there and back. Let it be known also that being in the van isn't all that bad anyway, what with the hilarious third grade humor being bandied about and the beautiful mountainous landscapes between NC and KY.
It was a gorgeous weekend weatherwise, Fall just arriving and the skies were my favorite shade of Carolina blue. The gig DID rock as planned. We set up in a new configuration, addressing the matter of not being able to see the singer (me) and it worked out pretty cool. Four straight across with me stage right turned a bit to the side, kick drum facing the center mike. That may be our new thing.
With the crowd stunned in disbelief after the first few songs we had to pull out some old favorites to remind them of who we were. After "I Love You Period" and "Battleship Chains" (sung with help from birthday boy Scott Luallen, 9 lb.Hammer, who was doing his best Sylvester the Cat impersonation that night, by that I one needed another shower after talking to him!..sorry, Scott! but it WAS funny!) we knew we had some new fans out there. Funny how ya gotta pull out the old ones to get the new ones, huh? All in all, a great time was had by all. Also, I wanna thank Scott for setting the gig up and to Paul Friedrich for coming along to do the merch.

Thoughts and prayers to Roger Gupton and his family for their loss this week. Roger played a LOT of the guitar parts on the new record and we love him very much. We hope our love can comfort him in this difficult time.

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