Monday, October 24, 2005

Holland love!

Get happy in two easy steps!

1. Buy Terry Anderson & The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team
2. Put CD in player and listen.

Really, Terry, this is my first acquaintance with your band and I have to say: This is the best new music I've heard in months! Now I know from reading your blog that sometimes you experience your songwriting as a curse, but believe me, it's a Godgiven blessing!
I can't really describe why I feel so good when listening to your music but it sure makes me happy. And some of those songs, especially 'You know me', I can't get out of my head - and I like it! Other personal highlights: 'Raindrops' is a song that Tom Petty wishes he had written. After hearing '$ 100 a week' I'm sure that Elvis lives. And 'Rehab' is the most happy singalong I've heard since the Sats 'Another Chance' -dispite the theme (that goes for both songs of course) :-) With some of your songs I get the feeling I've heard it before - which is a
major recommendation, in my case. Those are the best, in my opinion.

Love from The Netherlands,

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