Friday, October 21, 2005

Fo' up!

One of the joys of parenting is picking up your child after he has thrown up on another classmate. So I'm just hanging out today with my crazy kid who's supposed to be sick. Aw hell, I wanted the day off anyway. I've been hauling, climbing and moving big ass ladders all week. It's starts to take a toll on an old man after a while!
The comments to my last blog are funnier than trying to read the German version that I posted, especially Tomas' translation. Check it out.
I haven't been sleeping too well lately cuz my damn brain is in songwriting mode again. Jack keeps hinting around that it will soon be time to start recording more songs for another record so I gotta deliver the goods. I was up this morning at 4 am with a tune, chorus, and two verses that wouldn't go away until I got up to write them down. That one is beating around in there with the other four I've been working on this week. When I get like this it's really hard to pay attention the world around me. I figger that's how I'll die. Thinking about a song, my mind will wander, and I'll drive off a cliff or something! Not a good time to be working up high!
We have a new contest in the works that will begin soon. It's WIN A CALL FROM THE OAKTEAM! We'll get it up soon (every morning, actually!..oops! Too much information!..I mean on the website!) so that you can give us your number, we'll draw one out of the hat and call you from the stage and ask you what song you wanna hear and play it for you. Sound like fun? Stay tuned. USA calls only, sorry!
Here's another not so very interesting fact..I have the same dentist as TIFT MERRITT! Think that will get into NO DEPRESSION?
OK, while I'm sittin' here spittin' out jibberish, here are my top 5 songs that make me wanna take an aluminum college baseball bat to my dashboard and reasons why I don't listen to music on the radio..

4-That RUSH song, you know the one..
2-LIONEL RITCHIE.."Hello" (or anything by REO!)

#1.."The Pina Coloda Song" by Rupurt Holmes, Murdock or whatever his name was..



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