Sunday, October 23, 2005


..was one of the things my Daddy loved to do most".. a line in "Daddy had a Wreck" is not really true. My Dad hardly ever took me fishin'. I can only remember one time. It was when he and his drunk buddy, Lester, and I spent the night on the Pier down at Atlantic Beach (on the Crystal Coast!). The blues were running from about 4am to 7am. I was catching 2 at a time and they weren't gittin' shit! Total for the entire night was me 16 and them 8.
But at the risk of fishin' on Sunday (bad luck) I took my kids out today over to my pond that my Mom left me. I say it's bad luck because of the story told to me about a dumbass dude that used to work for my Dad. He went fishin on Sunday and caught his wife's eyelid as he was about to cast his line. Who knows if it's true, sounds fishy to me! But anyway, the kids and I went today and basically drug the bottom of the pond, getting caught on a stick or something on almost every cast. Not much fun, but Good God! What a beautiful day, so who cares!

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