Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm really scared to look at the local rag tommorrow. There's a picture in there of 5 ignunt fools running with torches in their hands. The thought of it has got one of my eyes twitching. I'm told that the arcticle that goes with it is very flattering, written by Rick Cornell. I'll try to get the link up to it if I can.
Pretty tired after last night's late rehearsal. We went throught the set which goes pretty much like hour of old songs THEN all 13 songs from the record, in order. The first song on the record is pretty wacky and I played everything on it so getting the live arrangement right was a bit of a challege. My son, Will is gonna get up and play drums. The lyrics are spitfire, so I didn't wanna deal with those and the drums...yet! He did great on it last night, I'm sure it's gonna rock!

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