Friday, September 30, 2005

it's a hit!

The new Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team CD is a bona fide hit with the kids! I ain't heard a damn thing bad about it, in fact it's all been very positive.."It's your best!", etc. And orders are coming in from everywhere, Spain, Germany, England, Sweden and this feedback from David in the Netherlands..
"Got the new cd (along with the bonus one) in the mail today (Indoor storm may have some trouble with shipping costs etc but they are a whole lot faster than the Jerkin Crocus guys!) Listened to them once and I have to say: congratulations, awesome cd’s! I guess it will be a big battle for my cd player these days but as you are the Olympic Ass Kicking Team I have a hunch who will win this battle the next few weeks. Thanks for making such nice music!"

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