Thursday, September 08, 2005

busman's holiday

I've taken off this week to redesign 3 rooms in my house, which means painting, top to bottom. I usually help my clients choose colors but when it comes to MY house I got no clue. I've narrowed it down and I'm gonna start by painting all the walls white anyway (so the true color I decide on comes through) so there's still time to figger it out.
Looking forward to rehearsal tonight. It's a full on run down of the set we'll play on the 24th, some 25 songs. We're gonna do an hour of old songs then play the record, in order. Also tonight, the photographer from the local rag that's doin' a story on us is comin' over to take picks. Still can't decide if I should get a haircut this year or not.
OK, back to work...maybe those CD's will come today, I sure am glad we changed the date on that CD release party or we'd be sweatin' it right now!


rozier said...

TA - any updates on the Yayhoos new album? Are they planning a tour anytime soon?

TA said...

got no clue, I'm sure we'll hit it hard early next year!


rozier said...

try to swing by St. Louis!

crucious said...

I vote NO! to the haircut. Contrary to the misconceptions of the CK1 crowd, rock 'n' roll requires hair!