Friday, September 02, 2005

A Bigger Bust!

A Bigger Bang- The Rolling Stones

Got to listen the entire new Stones record this morning and I gotta share my first impressions.

1-rough justice
The one we’ve been waiting for since “Some Girls”! We knew ya had it in
ya, boys!
2-let me down slow
Did I write the chorus to this one? Sounds like it. Descending and cool.
3-it won’t take long get tired of this one!
4-rain fall down
Yaaaawn! Another attempt at being funky, but this time you get
the sucky lyrics too!
5-streets of love
In the beginning you’re going “oh no, not that guy again” but the chorus wins
you over and makes everything alright. Purrr-tee! Just to damn long!
6-back of my hand
Could’s been on “Exile”, in fact I think that one lick that Keef is
playing WAS!..on “Stop Breakin’ Down”
7-she saw me coming
Love it! This one makes ya wanna pole dance! ..or at least watch one!
8-biggest mistake
Stones go to the “Old Mexico” feel again. It’s not bad, just..whatever.
9-this place is empty
Keef, with Conway Twitty sentiment. It ain’t workin’! One listen will be enough
for most of us.
10-oh no, not you again
Trying too hard again, it ain’t grabbin’ me! Frustratingly bad cuz
the guitars rock like hell!
11-dangerous beauty
12-laugh, I nearly died
This one’s in the running for being my favorite. Very BB King but more evil.
The chorus is BAD-ASS!
13-sweet neo con
Mick gets all political and shit. I actually kinda like this one.
“ya call ya’self a Christian, I think that you’re a hipocrit, ya call
ya’self a patriot,I think that you’re a crock o’ shit”. Right on, Mick.
14-look what the cat dragged in
Trying to get funky again, best thing about it is the guitar solo
(sounds like Woody)
15-driving too fast
This one will be better live. I was singing
“Takin’ Care of Business” along with the chorus.
Uh, it’s “ for me..”, that’s really clever that you called it “infamy”!
How about “it did nuthin for me!” Keef’s singin on top of the beat
which is always annoying, I don’t care if you ARE The Rolling Stones!

So if I gotta give an overview I gotta have three categories:

Wrap ya tongue around it:
Tracks 1, 2, 7 & 12

Sink ya teeth into it:
Tracks 5, 6, 8 &15

Put ya boot behind it:
Tracks 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 & 16

Much like “Exile”, you can take the best 10 songs from this record and make a pretty good time out of it. This is why records are generally around 10 to 12 songs long, after a while you realize that some of’m shouldn’t have been on there. That’s the reason The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team record has a bonus CD with the songs that were cut on it. We could have made a 16 song record for you to pick through, but to make a GREAT record as a danceable entity, one that you can put on and not wanna skip through, we had to cut it back. That what The Stones should’a done on “A Bigger Bang”!

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