Friday, September 30, 2005

and this from Mick..

Hi Terry

Just a note to say that the new cd (& free 'Monkey' cd) and the Live at Local 506 arrived today - only 7 days from ordering to arriving which for the cheapest postage from the US to the UK is damn good - I was surprised but happy to see them so soon.

Played them through once each so far and they are great - only complaint is that I was playing 'Gityoassupda Road' in the car and it seemed to attract slow crap drivers in the area - I found them all while that song was on - might have to skip it while driving in the future !

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be driving to see a few gigs by a bloke called Dan Baird (you might know him ! :-) ) and your cds will be providing the soundtrack to the travelling - excellent timing.

Thanks to you and the band for the songs and please pass on my thanks to Indoor Storm for their quick service.

I'll be over for the next cd release party - I promise (unless I have no money or no time off)



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