Saturday, August 06, 2005

Waffle House fun

Welcome to another episode of wasting time blogging about another old road story while there's really nothing else going on. Maybe Dan won't be mad at me for telling this one because it's really more of a reflection on me being a smartass than anything about him.
One morning on one of the quickie Yayhoos tours a few years back, we stopped (as usual) at Waffle House. This one was on I-26, a few miles south of Asheville, NC. I think we were on our way to Atlanta. Anyway, we walk in, four hungover longhairs, look around and realize that we've stepped into a time warp. There's about 30 big fatass redneck truckdrivers in there that all turn around at the same time just to stare a hole through each of us. So we slowly take our seats at the counter, not sure if we're really gonna stay or not. We place our orders and Dan decides this is a good time to go outside where the phone is, have a smoke and call the wife. He stands up and loudly announces "Well, I'm gonna go make my love call.." and just as he's opening the door to go out I say, "Tell HIM we said "Hey!" As the rest of us are trying to stay on our seats laughing, Dan is cutting me that "I'm gonna KILL you!" look. It was priceless and I gotta admit it was pretty mean on my part. Sorry 'bout that, Danny boy, you know I love you!
Of course, this immediately made the truckers quit staring at us!


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