Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday adDress

Drinkin' wine, listening to the new like hell..The Oakteam record rocks too. Jack, Paul and I have been workin' on the cover and it is unbelievable! Hey! So I'm headed to Charlotte, NC tommorrow to take my son to the Warped Tour. I think it's some kinda Woodstock for traveling skateboard bands. 12am-12pm..8 stages..nonstop rock. Gonna hang wif my buddy Jamie Hoover while my son and his friend are rockin' out. Tuesday night when I get back, I'm headed over to Jeff Carroll's crib to approve the mastering on the companion CD,"Ya Can't Bite Me with a Monkey in Your Mouth!", to the new Oakteam record. Now wait a minute, y'all couldn't think of a name for the main record but ya gotta name for the companion CD? Huh? I promise it'll all make sense when they both are released, you'll dig it..believe me! Only 200 of the companions are being pressed so get your orders in as soon as you are allowed to on the "Merch" page of the new Oakteam website ( cuz with the first 100 comes FREE! See y'all Wednesday. -T


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