Tuesday, August 16, 2005

secret revealed

There's a blog, I've lost the address, but it's a place where folks go to post their deep, dark, painful secrets. I went through it a few times and there's some compelling stuff on it, from childhood memories that still haunt to silly crushes on co-workers. We'll I've decided if I had to post one what mine would say. I'm not gonna reveal it at this time, it's just too painful...I just can't, sorry....But you know, the whole reason for the secret blog is for people to get the pain out and get on with their lives, to help the healing..so maybe I should?...No! I can't, it... hurts... too bad...
Ahhhh! OK! I'll tell it! So now the world, the entire world will know!...My Mom did it, my sister and Dad still do it!...they call me...
Randy. Oh God! The shame of it all...it's more than I can stand! But I just couldn't live with it any longer. My middle name is Randall, so my folks thought they could call me Randy. But when I grew up, I said "Screw that!"..and I saw my out when 2 other guys in my 3rd grade class we're named Randy. So I told the teacher it would be FINE! with me if she called me... Terry. Ever since that day, that's who I've been, Terry. Only family members call me Randy, and I don't even hear it...they might say Randy but it comes into my ears as Terry. I just can't imagine....Randy Anderson and The Olympic Ass Kickin' Team!



Anonymous said...

hey terry,
i think you're talking about www.postsecret.com

people mail in postcards and the guy chooses a bunch to post on mondays (or sundays - i forget).

julie from chicago

TA said...

yeah that's it! Thanks, babe. How you durin'?