Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oakteam Plans

Ok, I'm not boring the 4 or 5 folks that check in daily on this blog any longer with the particulars of the new record. It's done. It's gone. Sent off. We'll get it back in a couple of weeks and we are really looking forward to that day..and hopefully it will be before Sept 10, 2005 (when we are having the CD release party)! But like the last blog descibed it, it's a done deal. Now it's time to think ahead. So here's the plan. Next year, a best of TA record will get released. We will re-record songs from the first record, the second record, a few tunes fromThe Woods days and an acoustic version of "Battleship Chains" (with a fiddle on the lead Doug Kershaw!). There are some great songs on those shitty little records and we wanna do'm right, like we do'm live. It should be a 2 CD set. There's just way too much to choose from for it to be less! The Yayhoos record will come out later this year too, so that will take up a bit of my time but I do plan on getting songs together for another TA studio record by 2007. After that, I might be too old and just quit. Hell! I could get a job parking cars or something, shit! Ya never know! Something cool could come along! ..OR!!! truffle farm could take off!! ..Yeah, that's the ticket! ...Truffles!


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